Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are you located & how do I enter the building?

We are located just outside of Lander on Hwy 287 (Main Street) heading toward Ft. Washakie (Our building is a two story wooden building on the west side of the road). We have a big parking lot, and you can park wherever you'd like. The old front doors facing the highway are now the entrance to the fellowship hall, and our main entrance is on the north side of the building leading into the new Worship area at the back of the property. 

When you come in a greeter will say hello and hand you a bulletin. Of course you're welcome to sit wherever you'd like, but if it's a full Sunday ushers can help you find a good spot. If you show up early, people will be milling around and greeting each other. This is an outgoing church so you're likely to have people swing by your seat to say hello before the service gets rolling.


What is the Worship service like?

Our worship service gets started on Sunday at 10:00 am, and a good portion of the congregation is in the room at that point, but many trickle in late and this is the kind of church where that's just fine. The service is lively so it's easy to come in and get situated even if things are already going.


What should I wear? 

You can wear pretty much whatever you feel like.  The church has a gracious culture and people don't size each other up or judge based on clothing.  On a normal Sunday, you'll see some people dressed up a little bit, but the majority are fairly casual.


What about my kids?

During the worship service we have a nursery available for ages birth-3 and we provide a Children's Church for children ages 3 through the end of 2nd grade.  Children who are interested in attending are dismissed prior to the sermon. For families that like to keep their children with them during the service, we have Busy bags for the younger children and Treasure Seekers for the older children (located under the stairs in the front foyer, an usher will gladly help you find them!)  

All of our children's workers have undergone a background screening including fingerprinting to ensure the safety of your children.  


What kind of Church are you?

Our church is a Bible-believing family that loves God and wants to share God's love with others.  We believe in praising and worshiping the Lord for the Awesome God that He is but we are not a "charismatic" church. 

We are an Evangelical Free Church. 

  • Evangelical means that we are committed to sharing the good news(Jesus Christ can save you and change you) and that we believe the Bible is a true, inerrant and trustworthy guide to living our lives to glorify God. 

  • Free refers to our form of church government, which assures that our local church body is free from a central controlling body.  The Evangelical Free Church of Lander is elder-led and depends on the active participation of all of our members in the decisions and direction of our church. 

More about our beliefs


Will I have to say anything, sign anything or be singled out? 

There is a friendship register to sign.  Sign it if you would like and we will send you a welcome letter and more information.  If you don't want to sign the register that is alright with us.  We won't put you on the spot by asking you to stand up and introduce yourself or anything like that!