Our Staff

Matthew Whitman - Pastor

Matt never meant to be a pastor, but he's glad it turned out the way it did. He was teaching college history and doing some ministry part-time when he agreed to fill the pulpit at the Free Church for 3 months (fall 2010). In those three months he fell in love with the community and the church and eventually accepted the call to be the next pastor. Matt loves communicating the Bible in ways that are understandable and in-depth, he brings humor and history to bear on the text each week as he teaches straight through entire books of the Bible.

In addition to preaching on a weekly basis, Matt hosts a Youtube program called The Ten Minute Bible Hour where he works through books of the Bible succinctly with a dash of humor.

Matt and his wife, Camilla, have 3 kids. The Whitmans have fun playing sports, exploring the mountains, traveling and enjoying nerd culture.

Find Matt at church: 332-6767 or via email using the Contact Us page.

Joseph Brock - Assistant Pastor

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Amy Applegate - Ministry Assistant

Amy grew up in the Chicago area, attended Wheaton College, taught Physical Education in an elementary school for 7 years, then met a great guy in Lander, WY and found her way out here. She and John have been married since 1998 and have two children. She came onto staff at church in 2000 after doing several different jobs around the community. She loves being outdoors, hiking, biking, exercising with friends, and football - Go Bears!  She seeks to be the best she can be and to help others - all for the glory of God. 

Get a hold of Amy at church: 332-6767 or via email using the Contact Us page.